RF ATELIER is chef Ramón Freixa's innovation space, where he works with his team in his creative activity, developing the gastronomic line of all his projects.
As well as the artists' atelier, in addition, is an exclusive space for multidisciplinary events, open not only to culinary and creative expression in all its forms, as showcooking, demonstrations, cooking workshops or tastings with wine pairing; but also a wide variety of corporate or private experiences, whether product or brand presentations, lunches or dinners, showrooms, training or team building activities.
Located in a luxurious building in the best area of Madrid, in the Salamanca district, crossing a sumptuous portal we enter an attractively designed property with ceilings over 4 meters high dominated by huge windows in which ocher and golden tones predominate. It is divided into a Main Hall, where presentations, lunches and dinners take place, and the experiential room, Kitchen Studio, a theatrical stage dominated by an imposing kitchen island and a striking lamp, where culinary workshops take place and guests experience first-hand the cooking with Ramón Freixa.
We are in a location that reflects the creative and innovative personality of Ramón Freixa in which to 'cook ideas', and perfect for hosting experiences of a very diverse nature at the service of customers.
Palacio de Linares, sede de Casa de América - RF Catering
At RF ATELIER you can enjoy Ramón Freixa's cuisine and RF Catering service at its best, with personalized menus, specially designed for each occasion based on your preferences or brand needs; and discover the latest news from the chef's creative universe. Everything is possible in this meeting place for gastronomy, events and experiences, with Ramón's creativity at the service of the objectives of your event. The emotions, flavors, textures and aromas will create an indelible memory in the memory of your guests.


In its 200 square meters, and divided into a Main Hall and a Studio Kitchen, RF ATELIER is the perfect space to host culinary activities and corporate or private events:
Product or brand presentations
Private or company dinners and lunches
Cooking workshops and courses
Show cooking and gastronomic demonstrations
Master classes
Tastings with pairing
Team building activities
Training courses or workshops
Show room


David del Castillo Peyús
RF Atelier Director
PR & Events Ramón Freixa
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