I grew up smelling of flour, playing with the customers and pretending to be an assistant at my grandparents’ bakery in Castellfollit de Riubregós, a small town near Barcelona. As a child, I made my first desserts with my grandparents and, although I wanted to be a singer, I just wasn’t cut out for it.
Then my parents opened a restaurant, and my life changed forever. I remember taking culinary trips with them and my sister. I was lucky enough to try my first Michelin three star restaurant at the age of seven, so one might say I was a young foodie. My father is also a great chef, so cooking has always been in my blood.


My cuisine is based on three elements: product, technique and feeling. From the simplest to the most sophisticated, the product is the star of my cuisine and the foundation of my cooking.

Rooted in tradition, I experiment to create new recipes that surprise people, and above all, that they enjoy, because cooking is about enjoyment and flavor. And that’s why I cook, because it’s a way to make people happy. One might say I’m a chef of sensations, feelings and insights.
In 2009, I decided to leave Racó d’en Freixa, the Michelin one star family restaurant in Barcelona that I had taken over in 1998 from my father, Josep Maria, to move to Madrid to open Ramón Freixa Madrid. The new restaurant received its first Michelin star just a few months after its opening and in 2010, it was awarded a second one.
In 2011, Ramón Freixa Madrid was recognized as the best restaurant in Spain in Madrid Fusión and distinguished with Three Suns in the Repsol Guide. The following year, in 2012, I received the Grand Chef Relais & Châteaux distinction, and more recently, in 2018, the Guía Metrópoli gave the restaurant its maximum distinction, three “M”s.
I’m an avid reader of cookbooks. I devour them, and when I travel, I almost always bring one home with me in my suitcase. For these reasons, my passion would inevitably inspire me to write my own books.
At the moment, I am looking forward to the publication of my new book 'Cooking Happiness', undoubtedly the most complete and ambitious to date, and on sale from November 27.
El pa, l’oli i el vi (1998). My first written work arose from the fall menu I created in 1996, which evoked the basic staples of Mediterranean cuisine and the afternoon snacks of the children of the postwar generation. It showed the public how to surprise the palate with simple, quintessentially Spanish ingredients such as bread, olive oil and wine.

In 2004, I published my second book, Mano de cocinero (2004), with 63 recipes for the four seasons and insights into my own culinary philosophy, which is based on three principles that have since become the pillars of my cuisine: product, technique and feeling.

Secuencias (2014) is the most ambitious book I have published so far. It contains an extensive collection of recipes paired with beautiful photographs and illustrations that show part of my creative process, giving the work a very expressive and visual character. I also share the inner motivations that define me as a chef and as a person.
The world of fragrance is one of my great passions, and one of my greatest joys in recent times was being named Academician of Merit (Académico de Mérito) by the Academia del Perfume. I hope to continue contributing to its cultural advancement and, of course, enjoying wonderful scents.
I present to you Bubbles, the joy of the house. He is very sociable, affectionate and playful. Who will it look like?
And here's a clue where the name Bubbles comes from...

You can find us many mornings running through the Retiro
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