Freixa weddings are unique.
Because you are unique and together we create a surprising and unforgettable celebration.
They are my favorite event and I get involved to create a magical and emotional experience. Ramón Freixa Catering team and I accompany you throughout the entire process. Because food is one of the keys to the success of your wedding and we want everything to be perfect.
We take care of all the details: the cocktail stations, the menu on the table, the party and even the candy bar. And also, what I like to call the 'Long live the bride and groom', that key moment that all the guests will want to immortalize and that they will never forget. It is about taking the 'cake moment' to another dimension, because the staging, the music, the sweet,... will give life to a magical and indelible memory.
Freixa weddings can be anywhere. In Madrid, in Marbella, on a farm or at the end of the world, wherever you choose, wherever you want. And if you need ideas, we have exclusive spaces that you will love. From the Teatro Real or Casa América to ABC Serrano or Club de Tiro. 

And, of course, if there is a special place for me, that is Castillo de Viñuelas, not only for its magical setting and breathtaking views, but because it is the place where I celebrated my own wedding.
Freixa weddings are unique. If you dream it, we make it come true.
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